With the aim of providing comfortable Bed & Breakfast(BnB)/Home Stay facilities and to supplement the availabilty of accommodation across the state, Department of Tourism registers fully operational rooms of private properties as Bed & Breakfast HomeStay units in the state of Punjab.


The Bed & Breakfast / Homestay units are categorized as follows.

a) Gold

a) Silver

For Gold Category

  • The construction of the house should not be more than 20 years old at the time of submission of the first application for registration.
  • The property should have atleast 25% open area such as lawn/green area/outelde terrace.
  • Provision for hygienic storage of food should be there.
  • Adequate parking space for the guest inside the premises should be there.

For Silver Category

  • The properties which do not fulfill the criteria prescribed for Gold category having atleast one let-able room shall be eligible for registration under the silver category.

Application Fee

A non refundable application fee shall be payable for registration/ renewal of Bed and Breakfast units and Hom stay units.

For Gold Category

  • Rs. 5000

For Silver Category

  • Rs. 3000

Duration of Certificate:

Lifetime .

List of Document to be uploaded online:
  • Identity Proof (Aadhar Card/Driving License/Passport/Voter Card/Govt. ID Card,Ration Card,PAN Card,Pensioner Card,Freedom Fighter Card )/ ਲਾਭਪਾਤਰੀਆਂ ਦੇ ਪ੍ਰਮਾਣ (ਆਧਾਰ ਕਾਰਡ / ਡ੍ਰਾਈਵਿੰਗ ਲਾਇਸੈਂਸ / ਪਾਸਪੋਰਟ / ਵੋਟਰ ਕਾਰਡ / ਸਰਕਾਰੀ ID ਕਾਰਡ, ਰਾਸ਼ਨ ਕਾਰਡ , ਪੈਨ ਕਾਰਡ , ਪੈਨਸ਼ਨਰ ਕਾਰਡ , ਫਰੀਡਮ ਫਾਈਟਰ ਕਾਰਡ ) Mandatory
  • Proof of Ownership (Allotment letter, Conveyance Deed (ਅਲਾਟਮੈਂਟ ਪੱਤਰ ,ਕਨਵੈਨਜ ਡੀਡ)/  Mandatory
  • Photograph of Kitchen/Mandatory
  • Photograph of Main Gate Mandatory
  • Photograph of parking Mandatory
  • Photograph of Drawing/Dining room Mandatory
  • Photograph of Lawn Mandatory
  • Photograph of Rooms Mandatory
  • Photograph of Bathrooms Mandatory
  • Construction year verification Certificate Mandatory

Issuance of BnB/Home Stay Certificate

Certificates will be issued by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) , PHTPB